Salesforce Maintanence & Integration

Integration-Keep an Eagle Eye through salesforce solutions

Salesforce Maintenance and Integration

Ethereal softech is a leading salesforce maintenance company. We help customers innovate using the Salesforce1 Platform, including implementation of Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud as well as creating custom apps on the Salesforce1 Platform. Being a large Systems Integrator, we are able to combine our Salesforce expertise this with our integration, mobile and social experience, and are able to provide end-to-end solution

We focus on eight innovative themes to support the transformations our clients are going through: Big Data, Cloud, Talent Development, Mobile, Social, Security, Smart Sourcing and Unified Communications & Collaboration.

We design, build and manage Salesforce solutions using Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud as well as the Salesforce1 Platform. Combining this with our integration, mobile and social experience, we are able to provide end-to-end solutions.

Salesforce technical support and IT support solutions


Etherealians know how to distinguish the areas of advancement, ratify the courses of actions, apply the best practices and create a suitable improvement plan. Thus, we dedicatedly monitor your Salesforce.


Our team experts include custom and standard object management, security management, data management and package maintenance as salesforce surveillance and maintenance services..

Custom Development

Etherealians developed thousands of custom components in recent years. Thus, we are giving surety to provide the full potential to tailor development.

Help Desk

Etherealians overture comprehensive training and help desk services to ensure high-quality end-user support.


our team experts build enough trust in salesforce dot com and app exchange with our help and maintenance solutions in last year’s. We have gained 100% client satisfaction.


Etherealians delivered more than 50 salesforce projects to the global clients. Our team of salesforce experts has gained more than 10,000 of man hours experience on salesforce.


our team of experts design the tools cut the delivery cost with maintaining high quality, we do so by combining the onshore and offshore delivery.


Etherealians give a flexible atmosphere to our clients that they can choose from their own that how they would like to work with us.

Monitor and Control

Clients can monitor and control our smart developers. Take regular updates and feedback from them.